Two Cold Fronts Will Zip Across Region This Week

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY-TV): Nothing but sunshine is greeting southern West Virginia today. A few changes will occur in our weather pattern this week.

Clouds will quickly increase after daybreak on Tuesday and a few drips can be expected in the evening. Temperatures will be much cooler than today. Wednesday and Thursday will be duplicate copies of each other with lots of sunshine and middle 50s for highs.

A moisture-laden front will bring rain Friday followed by brisk wind on Saturday. While the front will produce moderate intensity showers, flooding is not expected. The front also doesn’t show signs that it will stall and produce large rainfall amounts. Additionally, the wind gust potential will likely not live up to the magnitude of winds that produced power outages in our region on Saturday.

Check out Chief Meteorologist Chad Merrill’s forecast below:


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