Trekking from West Virginia to Tennessee for a purpose

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY)- Radio personality and video producer Eddie Garcia is hitting the road for a good cause.

It started with a live radio discussion regarding a popular George Strait song lyric. Garcia stated that he could easily walk from West Virginia to Tennessee, and now, that is exactly what he is doing.

He decided that if he was going to tackle this challenge, he wanted to raise money for National Angels, a charity that holds special meaning to him.

“I got on the radio one day a while back and I was just making a point that the George Strait song from West Virginia down to Tennessee doesn’t make much sense to me because you’re talking about a guy who’s carrying his love, trying to show the love of his life that he loves her so much that he’s carrying his love from West Virginia down to Tennessee,” says the Bobby Bones Show co-host.

“I said, ‘well that’s not that far, so I mean if he’s going to confess his love, say like Alaska to Tennessee or something,’ so they kind of made me put my money where my mouth was and said ‘all right big shot, if you don’t think that’s far, walk it.’ That’s when I decided if I’m going to do this, I’m going to raise some money for foster care because I’m a foster dad. It’s so dear to my heart that it was a no-brainer for me to do this for them.”

Garcia’s adventure began in small-town West Virginia Sunday. He will continue his walk through Virginia and end up in Tennessee all in the span of four days.

“I don’t even think it was a town, it was just the borderline. I would say Bishop, West Virginia was probably the nearest town and there was a sign that said you’re leaving West Virginia and you’re going to Virginia, so that’s where I started and I made my way down to Claypool Hill, Virginia the first night. That’s about 16 miles and I did that in probably four and a half, five hours. I was flying because the sun was going down quickly. Day two I’m trying to get to Lebanon, Virginia, day three I’m trying to get to Ervinton, Virginia, and then day 4 I’m going to get to Bristol.”

Eddie’s Walk for Charity has already raised over $70,000, well over the original $10,000 goal.

If you wish to donate to National Angels to help those in the foster care system, click here.

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