Treasurer Moore announces $4.2 million worth of WV Cash Now checks mailed to recipients

Charleston, WV (WOAY) – State Treasurer Riley Moore announced the first group of unclaimed property checks issued through the new West Virginia Cash Now program is going out to 8,203 residents with checks totaling $4,244,379. West Virginia Cash Now is a new system for sending unclaimed property to its rightful owners without filing paperwork with the Office for claims under $5,000.

Earlier this year, Moore proposed an unclaimed property modernization bill, House Bill 4511, allowing the Treasurer’s Office Unclaimed Property Division to quickly issue checks to residents with readily verifiable addresses and contact information in legal databases.

In July, the Treasurer’s Office mailed letters to potential recipients notifying them about incoming checks through the new program, which helped further verify addresses. Any letters that came back undeliverable are no longer in the West Virginia Cash Now check distribution.

The new program does not cover all claim types, and individuals should regularly visit and click on the “Search” button to see if the Office is holding any assets in their name.

For more information on the program, visit

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