Travel plans expected to still be different in the midst of the pandemic

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The urge to get out and go is a feeling most of us are starting to experience once again, particularly as the rate of COVID-19 starts to wane and vaccinations go up, and after the cooped-up year that was 2020, the feeling may be hitting us extra hard this season.

While most people are still being cautious of the risk of the virus, it’s not stopping their travel plans this year, as they now feel a little bit safer to do so.

“We feel a little safer, still being cautious of course. This is our first trip out in a year, it’s been a year exactly and this is our first time venturing out again,” says A.J, a tourist whose family is on their way to Disney World.
With everywhere reopening around the country, major-vacation destinations might also be expecting some more normalcy in the number of tourists coming in, but then again, maybe not. Some people are only venturing out of their home states to visit family or other non-vacation-related trips.
“Just planning on that one trip down to see my dad,” says Sarah, a traveler from Pittsburg. “It has been a year since I saw him last because of everything, so drove down and that will be it.”
But still, those eager to get away and vacation are looking for safer, low-risk options, particularly outdoor travel activities, and rural West Virginia may seem like just the place.
“People will definitely come here,” Tabitha Stover, Executive Director of the Fayetteville Visitor Center says. “We’re already seeing more people come here with the National Park designation, and we’re kind of lucky Fayetteville is a really nice outdoorsy town, so we are kind of already well-suited for all the outdoor adventures.”
But even in the vast outdoor areas, it’s smart to play it safe, as the conditions can still be risky no matter where you go.
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