Town of Gary cleans up illegal garbage dump sites with city-wide operation

GARY, WV (WOAY) – The town of Gary just conducted a city-wide crackdown on illegal trash dumping. 

The town brought in a number of enforcement agents from all across McDowell County to track down people illegally dumping garbage.

Police Chief S.P. McKinney says he’s happy with the community support of the initiative. 

“The community is supporting the effort and then the community is working with the effort. And a lot of places when we got to them there had already been considerate effort to clean it up. And that’s our goal. Our goal is not to write a bunch of tickets or make a bunch of arrests. Our main goal is to get the trash cleaned out of Gary,” McKinney said. 

The town found at least 12 illegal dumpsites. They’ve had issues with illegal dumping for at least three months now. 

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