UPDATE: Wyoming County road being repaired after 20+ accidents in past few years

UPDATE (8/20 @ 10:30 a.m.) – Road crews tell us the road has been dug up, and work to make repairs have already begun.  There seemed to be a problem with the asphalt.

We will continue to keep you updated on the road’s progress.

MABEN, WV (WOAY) – “There’s obviously some sort of problem there.”

Scott Cook is talking about this windy turn in Wyoming County, notorious for causing horrific accidents. He spun out and wrecked his car here a few weeks ago. You can still see the damage today. Dents everywhere and the front bumper destroyed.

“I have never had a vehicle react the way that one did that I couldn’t at least try to recover,” Cook said.

Cook isn’t the only person who feels the driving isn’t the explanation for the amount of wrecks that have taken place on this turn.

No one has been to more heart-stopping accidents on the turn than Mullens Fire Chief Justin England. He’s responded to 12 out of the 20 reported accidents here in the last year.

“It seems like every time it rains, we end up there working a car wreck,” England said.

The scene speaks for itself. Skid marks on the road. Damage to the guard rail in more than one spot. Pieces of a taillight still on the ground. The Wyoming County Sheriff knows something has to be done.

“My point is to let the authorities that handle it know,” said Wyoming County Sheriff Bradley Ellison. “And then to let the public know.”

He’s even called the Department of Highways in hopes of fixing the road.

“I wish they would figure something out before someone gets hurt badly,” Cook said.

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