Theatre West Virginia Spring 2024 Academy is coming up in a few short weeks.

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- Theatre West Virginia is relaunching their Training Academy for spring 2024. This program gives professional training classes for all ages, from as early as kindergarten to adulthood. The courses they are offering for this semester go as followed:

With the variety of course selections, the Theatre West Virginia Academy manager explains how they decided on these courses.

“It was really important to us as we’re relaunching the Theatre West Virginia Academy, to kind of cover all of our bases so that people with different experience levels and different interests would be able to take part of it. You know, if we only had acting classes and people were more interested in singing those kids or adults, you know, they’d miss out on that,” explained Sam Jenkin, the TWV Academy Manager for spring 2024. “So we really just wanted to give a wide variety of topics to kind of see where that interest lies. And also we’ve had people that are interested in doing a little bit of all of them. So it’s been really great.”

With the variety of courses they offer, Jenkins wants to send words of encouragement to all people when deciding if they should register.

“I just want to encourage people, you know, if you’ve never tried something like this before, if you or your child or someone in your family is really outgoing or maybe not so outgoing, this is a great resource to build confidence and make friends and just explore something new. Like each of these classes is going to be a completely safe space free of judgment where you can really take risks and explore new things and maybe find out something that you really love. So I would encourage people of all experience levels to take a chance on the Theatre West Virginia Academy this spring. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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