Causeacon 2024 had a lot of good fun for a good cause

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- An event at the Beckley Raleigh County Convention Center, us people that are geeks and nerds and love all things pop culture were having fun at Causeacon. Causeacon is a 3-day long anime/pop culture/gamer convention that takes place every April. All the money raised at this con will be donated to the AWAY organization.

“They offer support and shelter for men, women and children who suffer from domestic and sexual violence, so we love it,” said Desiree Christian, event organizer. “Why not have fun while giving back to the community? So everyone really feels good about themselves when they come to Causeacon. When they buy a ticket, it’s going to charity. They buy merchandise, it’s going to charity. It’s just it’s great for them. ”

This event started about 6 years ago after a parent talked to away about bringing a con to Beckley, and it has only grown since. They have panels, vendors, tournaments, game rooms, events, and more throughout the weekend. Many people young and old had fun and dressed up.

“I love doing the tournaments, and I like shopping for the lightsabers,” said Ben, dressed as Capt. Jack Sparrow.

Even staff pulled out all the stops for this.

“I love dressing up and doing costumes. I used to work for Theater West Virginia as a costumer,” explained Donnie Coleman, a staff member/cosplay judge/dressed as Genie. “So this is a way to keep my skills sharp, and I love storytelling through costuming. I have many different costumes that I’ve done. Every one of them I try to do my own twists on.”

Donnie Coleman, staff member/cosplay judge/genie.

It was a fun weekend for everyone involved.

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