The YMCA of Southern West Virginia receives challenge grant

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – This morning, the YMCA of Southern West Virginia received a challenge grant from the Carter Family Foundation.

The one hundred thousand dollar grant comes as the second part of the challenge grant in which the Y had to raise money for.

“Essentially, the Carter Family Foundation approved a two for one challenge grant for us,” said YMCA of Southern West Virginia CEO Jay Rist. “If the Y raised fifty thousand dollars then we would receive a hundred thousand from them. We were lucky that five sources stepped forward, the Vecellio Family Foundation, Little General Stores, Raleigh General Hospital, the Kelly Family Foundation, and Beckley Area Foundation. All stepped forward and gave us ten thousand dollars a piece to be able to to get that fifty thousand dollar mark.”

The grant will be used to fund phase two of the renovations currently on going at the Y. Phase two will include the installation of an elevator which will put the building at code with state guidelines for those with disabilities.

“Ultimately at the end of the day, once the construction documents are finished up, we’ve got our budget in place as long as everything’s able to be funded and we are able to take care of it,” Rist said. “It will go forward and construction can start as early as June. Should take about four to six months to complete so definitely by December we will have that elevator addition done.”

With this new addition the YMCA will be able to better serve the community which is what foundations like the Carter Family are all about.

“These people truly understand their role as stewards of these funds and that these funds are truly for the benefit of the community,” said Fiduciary Wealth Advisor with United Bank Chris Kyser. “It’s a real honor and a real privilege to work with some people that are making such a big impact on their community.”

Phase one of the renovations began last March and included the renovations to the first floor, which are nearly complete.

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