The Ministry Place gives away 200 bags of groceries during annual giveaway

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – The Ministry Place has been a staple of the area for years, constantly providing for their community. And this week was no different for them.

They’ve been working all week to prepare for their annual food giveaway, where anyone who needs it can just stop inside and pick up a free bag of groceries.

According to Pastor Robbie Rodes, they gave away hundreds of bags in just a few hours. 

“We do this every year and we give away over 200 bags of groceries at Christmas. Most of it is what you’d fix for a meal, and then we add a ham to it,” Rodes said.

The bags contain enough groceries for a large family meal. They have macaroni, green beans, potatoes, cornbread, beans, a dessert and even a whole ham. The goods were donated to The Ministry Place over the past few months, and came entirely from community donations and their partner agency.

And the church volunteers gathered earlier this week to begin filling the 200 bags. 

“We aim to bless people that are less fortunate than us. We want to show our love, God’s love. And we just want to let the people in the community know that we’re here for them,” one volunteer said.

Nearly 20 church members helped out with the effort, and they even gave away coats during the annual giveaway. They said gave away dozens of coats to families in need.

Pastor Rodes says it’s just one way they can help their community during a time of need. 

“We’re really blessed to do what we’re doing and be able to bless the community. And to help those less fortunate than we are and have needs,” Rodes said.

The giveaway was set to last all afternoon but was cut short when they ran out of bags. The rest were then hand delivered to other families around the area that couldn’t make it out.

The Ministry Place says they plan to continue the tradition next year, and even do a second one if they can get the resources. 

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