The Mercer Cup: Baseball’s Most Unique Rivalry

Princeton, WV (WOAY) – The Mercer Cup has the nickname of baseball’s most unique rivalry. With two teams calling home to Mercer County. Twelve miles separates Hunnicut field and Bowen field. The rivalry between the two towns runs much wider than just a few miles though. Listen to Donald Marshall, Roscoe Rooster, and Zach Henkle explain what the rivalry means to the fans.

The Princeton Rays and Bluefield Blue Jays this year are also battling for first place in the East Division and could very much so be facing off in the East Division playoffs when the season comes to a close.

The Bluefield Blue Jays have the all-time advantage over the Rays with a 14-12-1 advantage but with Sunday’s 6-5 win over Bluefield, the Rays clinched this year’s Mercer Cup title.

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