The City of Beckley honors former basketball star

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – A former West Virginia high school, college and NBA basketball player will soon be recognized throughout the City of Beckley for his life-long achievements. 

The city is honoring one of the most decorated basketball players in the history of West Virginia by engraving his name on signs that will be placed throughout the city. Tamar Slay helped lead Woodrow Wilson High School to two state titles and was a four-year starter at Marshall from 1998-2002. He then went on to become the 54th overall pick in the 2002 NBA draft, selected by the New Jersey Nets. 

“To this day Tamar vocation efforts, and all of his former basketball playing not only produce good basketball players but good citizens,” Mayor Rappold. 

Despite the success he had on the court in his younger days. Slay continues to work with the youth in the Beckley area till this day. That’s why the city is dedicating not one, but 4 signs to recognize his efforts in the community. 

“At the bottom of Raleigh hill. One on the Mascot hill. One will be in Beckley in the Harper park area and the fourth one as you come in Beckley from the north near the 7 up plant was.” 

Mayor Rob Rappold says Slay’s hard work continues to push the youth in the right direction and that’s why he is the perfect person to receive this dedication. 

“If there’s anybody that the next generation can look up to, he’s several generations behind me and I look up to him, he is a role model to younger people.”

Mayor Rappold says after the pandemic is over the city will hold a ceremony for Slay and his family.

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