The 304 Restaurant has made the transition to a food truck with further plans to expand

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – More and more restaurants are now going mobile. And, The 304 right in downtown Fayetteville is one of the newest to take to the streets.

After starting the restaurant out of a building in 2018, the owners decided to make the transition to a food truck. Although they were still having success with the restaurant during the pandemic, the growing popularity of outdoor activity and dining made the food truck seem like a better fit.

“Because of that, along the way, we’ve learned some ends and outs and things that worked better,” says one of the owners of The 304, CiCi Matos. “Especially with the area becoming a national park now, I think the business for it is even more.”

Right now the mobile 304 travels around and sets up at various locations around Fayetteville. This week they took it to Bridge Brew Works. But soon the truck plans to expand. They hope to eventually set up a permanent location in the area. Along with that, they look to add at least 1 to 3 more trucks and establish a food truck park. However, they currently enjoy the life on the road.

“Being in a permanent location all of the time, you can reach people but I think with a food truck you’re able to expand even more and reach different people in different areas, so we’re really looking forward to being able to do that,” Matos says.

With that, they plan to expand their already diverse menu options.

You will also be able to check out The 304 food truck at Bridge Day on October 15.

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