Texas Roadhouse will turn into drive-thru farmers market

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – On April 15th and the 29th, Texas Roadhouse in Beckley is turning into a drive-thru farmers market to provide members of the community with food they can prepare at home.

Next week Texas Roadhouse located in Beckley will turn its parking lot into a farmers market. Owner Tim Carver said the idea came from wanting to help shoppers find things that were sold out in stores.

“The main purpose is to help the community. Like I said we’re very community-driven and I know there’s a lot of people struggling, they go to the store and are like, oh I can only get a certain amount of meat. They don’t want to make several trips out. They’re worried about exposing themselves out more often. This is a way for them to get what they want and we don’t have to come in contact with them. We take the money and card and put it in the vehicle for them and they’re on their way,” said Carver.

The farmers market will have fresh produce boxes and a variety of steaks, Carver says shoppers can pre-order and have the food placed directly in their cars.

“It’s the same steaks we serve you if you came in and ordered. Hand-cut by our meat cutter every day. Like I said its just our way to try and help out the community. We know people love Texas Roadhouse and want to have a part of it some way. During this tough time, it’s hard for them to come out but we’re trying to help any way we can,” said Carver.

The Farmers market will be held from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. at 4110 Robert C Byrd Drive.

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