Teachers adjust to virtual students opting back to in-person learning

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Early last week, Raleigh County Schools extended the deadline for students to opt into in-person learning for the year.

The deadline was extended to last Friday, and those students who did opt-in late are now getting acclimated back into the classroom. Despite unusual circumstances, teachers throughout the county are adjusting as well as they can.

“Really, I think we’re just being flexible again, and just giving the students extra time to turn in their assignments, as far as the virtual students, because they’re just now getting here,” said Beckley-Stratton Middle School Writing Teacher Lisa Shrewsberry. “They missed the first couple of days of, ‘here’s how we do things in class, here’s what’s expected.'”

Shrewsberry’s team at Beckley-Stratton has agendas and standards that they have used with integrating the previously virtual students.

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