Tazewell County holds first day of school

BLUEFIELD, VA (WOAY) – Tazewell County held it’s first day of school today.

There were mixed feelings in the air for the first day of in-person classes since March at Graham High School. While employees were excited to get back, there was a strange atmosphere with 65% of students attending in-person.

“It’s a very odd feeling,” said Graham High School Principal Brad Carr. “It doesn’t feel like a normal first day, but it’s really good to have bodies back in the building, teachers and students back in the building. Not as many, but it’s good to have them back. It doesn’t feel like a normal first day.”

There are strict measures in place to ensure that those who choose to attend in-person are safe to do so. Graham has procedures in place for before, during and after classes.

“There’s really no free movement going on at any point,” Carr said. “Classrooms, your typical classroom is going to be spaced at three foot distances between each desk. Students wear masks in those classrooms. They wear masks in the hallways. The hallways are divided basically like a road would be. You get on the right side to go in the direction you need to go in”

Carr is confident that the plan laid out by the county will allow Graham to have a successful fall semester.

“Our county administration has done a great job with giving us guidelines to follow,” Carr said. “Putting plans in place for distancing and for safe instruction. For safety procedures for dealing with any kid who may not feel well. Obviously wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment. So we feel good about our plan.”

It will be a little bit of trial and error to being the year, with adjustments possibly coming with which guidelines work and which don’t. That being said, the Graham faculty is excited and ready for what this semester has to offer. Carr says that Graham High School is welcoming both phone calls and emails for anyone with concerns or questions about the school year.

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