Synthetic turf fields nearing completion for Raleigh County Schools

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The Raleigh County school board is in the process of converting their four football fields into synthetic turf. 

The company building the new fields, The Motz Group, has almost finished converting Independence and Woodrow Wilson high school’s fields, and they should be ready before the start of the fall sports season.

The Motz Group says that although synthetic turf is generally expensive to set up, the long-term benefit of having them will greatly outweigh the cost. 

“Not having to worry about weather being a challenge, being able to have back-to-back play. Naturally with natural fields, a lot of maintenance is required. And there is some maintenance of course with synthetic, but with synthetic turf it’s much less.”

The other two high school football fields will be converted into synthetic turf in 2021. 

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