Summers County Schools Offering After School Tutoring Program

SUMMERS COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – In March Summers County Schools started the Nuskool Scholar After School program to help students falling behind.

The program uses a peer tutoring method that allows students that are passing their classes to help those that are struggling. At the start the program there were ninety-five students falling behind and over the last six weeks that number has been reduced to forty-six.

“When we saw that we had so many students that were failing or close to failing at that point this was an awesome program to bring this together as to be a more successful story for our students,” said Summers County Middle School Principle Susie Hudson.

Not only are the struggling students getting the help they need, but the student tutors are also being able to retain more of the information they learn in class.

“To see that light come on and see that sense of accomplishment where before, for what ever reason, they were failing or had bad grades,” said Summers County High School Math Teacher Hobert Muncey. “To see those faces light up and those grades go up and they realize hey I can do this. It’s awesome.”

As an incentive for students to participate, they are given five dollars for coming to a session and improving their grades. Tutors are paid thirteen dollars, but many of them do it just to help out their fellow class mates.

“It’s a good after school thing to get into especially as sports seasons come to an end,” said Junior Peer Tutor Hallie Rhodes. “You get paid for it, it’s a great thing to be a part of and it’s something you can write down when you go to college.”

“They see that you are avid on not only learning yourself, but wanting to teach others to learn,” said Freshman Peer Tutor Grace Martin. “That’s a big they would be interested in.”

“I always liked little kids and just knowing that I can make a difference and hopefully make them like school better. I think that’s a big deal,” said Sophomore Peer Tutor Emilee Smith.

Given the current success of the program, the schools will likely be running it again next year.

If your student wants to participate in the program for help or as a tutor have them talk to their school guidance counselor.

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