Summers County Schools has a new Superintendent

SUMMERS COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Summers County Schools have a new superintendent for the upcoming school year.

David Warvel is the new superintendent, and in his first nine days, has already been very busy. The superintendent is working to better the virtual learning experience for students and provide them with a safe environment to learn during the pandemic.

“COVID has really made a person become more creative and think differently.” Superintendent David Warvel said. “Of all the stuff that’s going on we are trying to find different ways to educate our children in a way that they’re engaged and they’re also growing academically, but more importantly will have to look at socially and emotionally how are these kids doing. Because you have to be emotionally connected to people and feel safe before you can be educated and so you have to wrap at all when together and what we’re trying to do is find different ways to deliver education remotely or virtually.”

David Warvel also said that he is excited to take on the job and wants to create a positive story to come out of this unsettling time with COVID-19.

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