Summers County Board of Education notifies residents of upcoming public hearing

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – Summers County Board of Education has started notifying residents of a public hearing that will take place in 30 days.

Summers County residents who stop by Summers County High School or Summers Middle school will see pink signs like this notifying them of a special meeting that will discuss the potential options for the future of both schools.  

“The main options are first we can fix all the problems that need to be fixed in the current middle school or option 2 is add on to the current high building and make that a 6-12 facility,” Summers County Superintendent David Warvel said.

Both options are multi-million dollar projects. There is a projected cost of $5 million for upkeep on the current middle school. Abd to add on to the high school it would cost around 9.2 million. The consolidation will include 15 classrooms, one Gymnasium, and one cafeteria. 

“At this point and time, it isn’t 88 compliant and we’re going to put a lot of money into a 100-year-old building. Now the board will listen when they come to the meeting to voice their opinions for or against moving the facility to the other building which is the high school,” Warvel said.  

Community members are encouraged to attend the meeting to voice their opinions, but the final decision will be determined by the School Building Authority based on the most feasible project. 

“At this point and time, the board will have to take all the information presented to them and have a conversation and they can act that night,” Warvel said.

The public hearing will be held on Oct 29th at  5 pm. The hearing will start at the Summers County High School Auditorium and then move to Summers Middle School Gymnasium at 8 pm.

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