Summers County Board of Education installs WiFi hotspots throughout the county

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – In an effort to increase internet access, Summers County Board of Education used funding through the CARES ACT to install eight new WiFi hotspots throughout the county. 

Students in Summers County who are working remotely will now have double access to internet service. With money provided by the CARES ACT, the Summers County Board of Education has built eight new hotspots locally. 

“Working with putting out bids with different companies and the technology that you need for the antenna and the routers we thought with the budget we can handle eight,” Superintendent David Warvel said. 

The hotspots are specifically designed for students. At the beginning of the year, students were given chrome books and other technology devices that will instantly connect to the new wifi hotspots when in range. 

“Those Chrome books and the technology that we handed out to students come on automatically and connect automatically,” Warvel said. 

The hotspots will be located at local stores, churches, and fire stations. All that Parents have to do is to park in the parking lot and access the internet. 

“A lot of it is just downloading the information and then you can go back home in an environment that you enjoy working in,” Warvel said. 

Students who are working remotely can access the internet at Country Roads Store, Vandall’s Store, River Valley Baptist Church, Upland Church, Bluestone View Primitive Baptist Church, and all of the local fire stations.

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