St. Francis student writes personal valentine to veterans

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – With Valentine’s Day only a few days a way students at St. Francis De Sales created valentines cards to give to veterans at the VA medical center in Beckley. However, one student, Ram Asaithambi, went above and beyond and wrote them more than just a thank you card.

“When I saw that I had the opportunity to talk to a veteran through a card I didn’t want it to be something just as a thank you note or just some simple brushed away answer,” said St. Francis Student Ram Asaithambi. “I really wanted it to be heartfelt because this may be one of the only times I get to talk to them and I wanted it to be from the heart from myself and thank them for what true sacrifices they made to protect me, someone they don’t even know.”

Public Affairs Officer Sara Yoke, who is also a veteran, said she was blown away by the message Ram wrote. She says that many veterans have been struggling with the isolation due to Covid and the cards from Ram and the other students will brighten their days.

“We’re just thankful to all the students and the teacher and everyone who helped the students make them and bring them here to the hospital,” said VA Medical Center Public Affairs Officer Sara Yoke. “We will ensure that they are distributed to our community living center for residents, inpatients, and also our mental health team will get some cards so they can make sure they’re patients also get those.”

Ram said his favorite part of the valentine was being able to tell the veterans he is proud of them. He says that our veterans should be respected and honored as American heroes and patriots for what they have done for us.

“I may never meet you, I may never serve on the front lines of battle with you wherever that may be, but if I ever got the chance to tell you one thing it’s this: I’m so proud of you,” said Asaithambi. “I promise you that you will be remembered, your service will eco throughout history and this nations children, in the future, will work to preserve and care for our nation with the same bravery and courage you have shown. Thank you so much.”

Ram’s mother, Dr. Divya Rajaan, said she and their entire family is extremely proud of him. His message to support our veterans is something they hold near and dear to their family. Ram’s card was presented to a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran Robert Castle who was very touched by the personal message.

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