Spirit of Beckley (34th annual) to recognize those who better the community

Richard and Beth Jarrell are super excited about the Spirit of Beckley because it’s the 34th year that the YMCA has been honoring someone local for their community service and lifetime achievement.

From the Chamber of Commerce to the United Way, Quota Club of Beckley, Beckley Area Foundation, Brian’s Safehouse and more — Jarrell says community is what it’s all about for them and Beckley has such a rich legacy.

“Over the years, from the time I was a child growing up in the 70s here — just knew what community was about, they knew that if we take care of each other we’re all gonna be better together,” said Jarrell, owner/operator of Chick-fil-as in Beckley. “So, if we just learn from that legacy and just live that way it just makes our community a better place.”

The Spirit of Beckley will convene at the Raleigh Convention Center, where they are expecting more than 500 people.

“Because this is really about the YMCA; it’s their biggest fundraiser of the year. And we want to help impact that for them as much as possible,” Jarrell said. “We set a goal of $150,000. So we hope to hear that we have met and surpassed that goal.”

The people and organizations spirit of Beckley has recognized over the past 34 years represent many things.

“Sometimes you’ll have somebody who will have really invested their life into one group or then there’s other years, you’ll have folks that have invested into lots of different groups,” said Jarrell. “I think we would fit into the ‘we’ve tried to impact a lot of different groups.'”

Schools, children, those in need… the United Way has always been a big thing for them.

“Through the business at Chick-fil-A, I’m very involved in schools and the impact that we can have on the children.”

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