Southwestern Virginia Community College opening new location

BLUEFIELD, VA (WOAY) – Southwest Virginia Community College (SWCC) is opening a new center in Bluefield, Virginia.

The new center will be a full service center and will have workforce programs, academic programs, technology labs, and many other services for students. The center will begin opening with a multiphase approach starting with workforce training in HVAC and electrical work in March. College officials say the new site will help reduce the commute issues for numerous students.

“One of the things we got a lot of from students in the Bluefield area was how much of an obstacle the distance is,” said Vice President of Academic and Student Services Robert Brandon. “That hour and a half, two hour commute can be a real obstacle for success. We wanted to break down those barriers, increase access, and so having this center right there in the middle of one of the most populated areas of our service area will really help students.”

SWCC is hosting an open house at the new center on Thursday February 25th at 11 AM.

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