Southern West Virginia JROTC students sworn into military at Princeton Senior High

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – In Southern West Virginia, many students from different highs schools came together to be sworn in as members of the United States military.

Today at Princeton Senior High School, the gymnasium was packed with students willing to show their support for the JROTC. Students of the JROTC organizations from many different schools in southern West Virginia were sworn in today as members of the United States military.

The Army National Guard Swearing-In Ceremony is a national event, taking place at hundreds of schools across America simultaneously every year.

During the event, students tuned into a Livestream of the national swearing-in ceremony, where they watched a QandA with astronaut Andrew Morgan onboard the International Space Station. Morgan went on to talk about his experience with the military and what he did in his life that led him to become an astronaut.

The JROTC members were eager to share their own experiences and reasons for wanting to join the military. For instance Scott Nicholas from Princeton Senior High knew he wanted to join the army since starting high school.

“It’s been a freshman experience ever since I’ve been in JROTC, and I’ve always wanted to join the army since then,” Scott said.

And Lavon Mcclarrien from Bluefield high was at first unsure about the military but ended up changing his mind.

“I was like it’s not for me, I feel like it’s weird. But then I came around and my instructor highly suggested that I take it. When I was in JROTC they persuaded me to be in the army and got me there,” Lavon said.

This ceremony serves as one of the final steps before these students join the military.

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