Shady Spring Library offers assistance to Raleigh County homeschoolers

SHADY SPRING, WV (WOAY) – The Shady Spring Library is offering a variety of home schooling resources for the upcoming school year.

There is a lot of uncertainty facing parents who may have to, or choose to, home school their children this fall. The library staff wants these parents to know that the library is there to help any way that it can.

“What we have is we have a lot of coding robots here at the library,” said Shady Spring Branch Library Children’s Coordinator Lesley Peck. “We have a family book club, and we have resources available for them. If they need help starting to home school, we can help them start off doing that. If they just need support, we can help them with that.”

Many parents might be facing their first year of home schooling. The library staff is aware of this, which was a key motivator for launching this initiative.

“We realize that some of them are going to be full-time working as well,” Peck said. “We want them to know that they can still do this. It might be tough, but it’s possible. As a parent myself, I realize that it’s difficult for the parents to choose what they need to do.”

The library is providing a multitude of options. These include STEM kits, craft kits, online databases, an endless supply of new books, eBooks and much more.

“We have everything here that is available for them to start home schooling,” Peck said. “They can print their notice of intent. They have books that will help them create unit studies. Free WiFi. Everything that they need is here available for them.”

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