Senator Capito pays tribute to lives lost in 2016 flood

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WOAY) – West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito pays tribute to the eight people of White Sulphur Springs who died during the 2016 flood.

Senator Capito presented Mayor Bruce Bowling and City Manager Lloyd Haynes with an American flag flown over the U.S. Capitol.  Capito was also given updates on flood recovery efforts–many still rebuilding their lives five years later.

Senator Capito said, “It was so sudden and so devastating, but unless you saw it firsthand, you really just couldn’t have a concept of the height of the water, the mud, the destruction, and everybody pulled together from our state but also people from other states, and it’s almost like watching a phoenix coming back to White Sulphur Springs.”

Senator Capito also toured the newly opened White Sulphur Springs Pool and Wellness Center.  Other stops focused on economic development and diversification.

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