Sen. Capito continues discussion on ongoing high gas prices and inflation costs in Thursday press conference

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – During a Thursday press conference, Senator Shelley Moore Capito didn’t hesitate to say that the Biden Administration is making all of the wrong moves when it comes to tackling the rising gas prices and crippling inflation costs.

After confirmation that President Biden would be making a trip to Saudi Arabia in the coming month to seek help from the oil-rich kingdom, Capito, like many others, oppose the idea. She says it’s an issue that could help to be alleviated right here on the United States’ own soil.

“This administration could do a lot to make sure that if they want more supply we could get it because we have it right here in our own country,” Capito says. “Conversely, the president is getting criticized, and rightly so, he’s going to Saudi Arabia on bended knee and asking them to open their spigots up when we could be doing the very same thing in this country.”

Capito stated that Biden has let the oil situation get out of hand by trying to maintain his own political agenda, such as that of the Green and environmental agendas.

In matters of inflation, she feels the Federal Reserve should have been doing something much sooner. Now as high costs at the grocery store, along with interest rates on mortgages begin to soar, the Fed’s drastic moves could trigger the one problem they were trying to avoid– a recession.

“There’s a lot of really serious concern here, and a lot of this could have been avoided early on by the Biden Administration, they chose to say that it was transitory and that it was going to fix itself, that it’s all about Covid. But now, it’s going to spiral, and I hope we don’t go to a recession,” she says.

A recent and grim inflation report for May showed that consumer prices have shot up to 8.6% from a year ago, the biggest jump since 1981.

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