School Issues New Yearbook After Bomb Joke Backlash

PEORIA, AZ (ABC NEWS)-A school in Peoria, Arizona, is facing backlash after a student reportedly designated themselves “Most Likely to Bomb the U.S.”

A person claiming to be the parent of a child at Sonoran Science Academy Peoria posted an image of the page to Facebook, calling it “wrong.”


“Good Morning America” confirmed the image posted to Facebook is the page from the school’s yearbook.

“After speaking with the student and the student’s parents, it is apparent the comment was a misguided attempt at humor. There was absolutely no malicious intent on the part of the student,” according to a statement issued by the school Monday.

Students are able to write their own superlative. There is no voting process.

“Regardless, our entire administrative team takes this seriously,” the school’s statement reads. “The comment should have been caught and removed during the editing process before the yearbook was published.”

The faculty advisor to the yearbook is facing disciplinary action, according to the school.

In a post to the school’s Facebook page on Monday, the school said it will be reprinting an updated version of the yearbook and asked that copies with the error be returned.

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