School food truck sees positive response from the community this summer

ANSTED, WV (WOAY) – Thanks to a grant from a federally funded food service program, food insecurity didn’t have to be an issue for the kids of Fayette County this summer.

Since becoming a part of the program, the Fayette County Board of Education has been operating a food truck for students and their families all summer long. The truck has been traveling around to various pockets of the county delivering kid-friendly foods and plenty of smiles to those who come to use the service.

It was the first year the board was able to have a summer food truck, and although it has been somewhat of a learning experience for them, free meals and a significant outreach has gone a long way.

“There has been a really tremendous response from kids in the community, they’ve come out to the truck and gotten meals every single day we’ve had it out,” says the director of Child Nutrition of Fayette County Schools, Andrew Pense. “Here in Ansted and also in Valley, it was really neat because the majority of the students who came to us all walked here on their own.”

Apart from the cooks providing the meals for the students five days out of the week, a lot of effort went into getting the food truck off of the ground.

The logo on the side of the truck was designed by a student in Fayette County who has a passion for graphic design. He hoped the logo would help to accent the truck and support the important effort.

“I didn’t expect it to be this big and I do hope it helps, I made sure to make the colors bright to get attention and help get the kids fed,” says logo artist Jakob Walburger.

A community member, Molly Wolfe, also contributed the background picture of the Gristmill at Babcock State Park that’s on the truck.

This was the last week of having the food truck set up. For each meal provided, the school board got a reimbursement through the program that will go towards helping to make the food truck possible in the future.

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