Rising Stars showcases next faces of Theatre West Virginia

Rising Stars is showcasing the next faces of Theatre West Virginia, Raleigh County’s iconic theater company since 1961. They’ve worked with the handpicked group of kids from the summer professional company.

The group kicks off its fundraiser and relaunch with three one-act plays, a great opportunity for kids of all ages to gain hands-on experience. Scarlett Cooper says acting has allowed her to be herself.

“Even if you have stage fright you learn to get over it because it’s just the people and the community and the atmosphere is so amazing that you learn to just get out there and give it your all,” said Rising Stars actor/choreographer Cooper.

They also recruited a lot of new people that are trying theater for the very first time.

“So it’s really turned into something where it’s very much these kid’s show,” Rising Stars director Nick Yurick said. “The more experienced ones have shown a lot of leadership to the newer ones — and I feel like I was more a conduit to focus their creativity.”

It’s all about these kids taking a creative interest.

“Not only in their performance and their characters but in the costuming and the props,” said Yurick. “It’s really been a way for them to develop an understanding and appreciation and talent for all aspects of the theatrical process.”

Ashton Zari can attest to that — the teen has previously acted in TWV plays and has a good sense of what works.

“I’m very excited to help talk to the cast about costumes that they think would be correct for their certain position and props for the exact same reason,” said the Rising Stars costumer/prop master. “To help these actors express their feelings in their characters — to make them feel more comfortable in what they’re playing.”

Nick has been directing TWV shows since 2018 and these are kids he’s watched grow up and evolve.

“This is the culmination of work that I’ve been seeing these kids do for years and years, and now they’re really getting to own their talents,” the director said. “Very much their thing and I couldn’t be more proud of how much they’ve just taken it and run with it.”

Rising Stars will also be selling cast art pieces at the performances,. Your support would be greatly appreciated.


Join them at the Raleigh Playhouse and Theatre on Saturday, September 30th!

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