Richlands, VA experience flooding in some parts of town

RICHLANDS, VA (WOAY) – Last night after heavy rain Richlands, VA experienced extreme flooding in some parts of town.

After a long night of heavy rain, The National Weather Service issued a Flash flood warning for Tazewell county. Richlands Chief of Police Jerry Gilbert says dealing with the floods and COVID-19 has become a difficult task.

“This morning we have several roads in Richlands shutdown. We had to evacuate a few folks, I think five families 13 people altogether. We had propane tanks, storage containers different things like that float away this morning,” said Gilbert.

Some Richlands roadways and neighborhoods are still filled with Highwater and are expected to stay like that for the remainder of the day. Chief of police Jerry Gilbert says the same people who were flooded out of their homes two months ago are the same people who have to evacuate now.

“I know we started beating on doors trying, trying to evacuate people. Alerting people and letting them know the water raised from 6:30 am to 7 this morning. And most of the folks followed our warning. The last flood is very fresh on everybody’s minds,” said Gilbert.

According to Gilbert, there were no reported injuries.

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