Ribbon cutting held at tech facilility in Mabscott

A company that provides technology, training, and support for schools has opened its doors at a new location in Mabscott.

The new facility will be a hub for tech repairs and installation.

“We’ve had longstanding relationships and partnerships with a number of counties throughout West Virginia and even into some of the surrounding states,” CEO Scott Gill said. “As we move from a model of having them have to send those their computing devices to other states one at a time, we actually figured out that it would make way more sense to invest in a facility here so that we can use those devices locally.”

Trafera employs technicians that help schools work through their technology needs. The new facility will expand the company’s reach in West Virginia.

The facility is located at 213 Depot Street in Mabscott, and the brick-and-mortar location will help the company expand its presence and bring jobs to the area.

“This will actually be our sixth operating facility. And again, we’ll just allow us to better service the communities here in West Virginia,” Gill said.


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