McDowell County HOPE Rehabilitation Center opens in Welch

WELCH, WV (WOAY) – Yesterday, a new rehab center opened in Welch, attached to the community hospital.

The McDowell County HOPE Rehabilitation Center is a 12 bed, medically monitored, substance abuse detox center. After celebrating its opening, it’s now accepting referrals.

“We’re very pleased that we are the third 3.7 ASAM facility that has opened,” said Director of Social Work Robin Pruitt. “The other two are in Charleston and Morgantown. This is the first time in southern West Virginia we’ve had a facility like this, and we’re very excited.”

Patients who enroll in the center will have a multitude of treatment options.

“If they would like to completely detox from whatever their substance use is, we will definitely get them on the right track with medications to help them with their symptoms as they detox,” said Family Nurse Practitioner Amy West. “If they choose to do the out-patient programs with the medication-assisted treatment. We will also offer those services as well.”

The HOPE rehab center will provide a welcome outlet for patients who have enrolled in other centers that might not have been able to meet their needs.

“For the patients here in McDowell County and surrounding areas who are suffering with substance addiction issues and substance use disorder,” Pruitt said. “Now they have a place hopefully that we’ll be able to help meet their needs.”

The HOPE rehab center will also be bridging a program with the community hospital to help patients coming to the emergency room who opt for medication-assisted therapy.

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