Red Devils, Patriots Meet For Pregame Banquet

Fayetteville, WV (WOAY) – Oak Hill and Midland Trail will play Friday night in WOAY’s Hometown Marketplace Game of the Week; this game is being dubbed the “Battle for the Bridge” after the nickname previously went to the Fayetteville-Midland Trail matchup.

On Thursday night, the two teams had the chance to meet for a night of fellowship at Grace Baptist Church in Fayetteville. They learned about the history of the rivalry and football in Fayette County, and had the chance to meet former WVU linebacker Steve Grant.

Grant, who played six seasons at linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts, says opportunities like this are important to showcase the mutual respect teams have for one another. The two head coaches, Frank Isaacs and Jason Blankenship, agree that it’s a chance for Fayette County to recognize student-athletes and that while they’re opponents during the game, they’re friends before and afterward.

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