Local American Red Cross holds community blood drive

American Red Cross Blood Drive

BRADLEY, WV (WOAY) – The need for blood is critical right now, and an emergency blood drive is being held at the Crossroads Mall in an effort to alleviate the need.

While the local American Red Cross holds regular blood drives at the mall, this is the first time they are getting help in a collaborative effort with Raleigh General and Appalachian Regional Hospitals.

“It’s just a time for a big need right now, but we always have a need for blood. Blood only lasts for 42 days and so we are constantly regenerating and replenishing our bloodstock,” says Amanda Cash with American Red Cross.

Raffle drawings and prize giveaways are being held for people donating their blood.

If you missed your chance to give blood, you can visit the Red Cross to schedule an appointment.

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