Reach Family Resource Center Holds Third Consecutive Food Drive

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – Friday afternoon the Reach Family Resource Center along with the United States Department of Agriculture and Save the Children held their third consecutive food drive at the Life Line Church in Hinton.

“Each truck has about a thousand two hundred boxes of food on it,” said Reach Family Resource Center Executive Director Doris Selko. “There has been a crowd this afternoon and we are hopeful that we will empty this truck. We’ve emptied the other two and we are able to do that again this time.”

Cars were lined up around the building before the truck arrived once again. The volunteers were able to work quickly to distribute the food to those in need thanks to the help of the Summers County High School football coach and his players.

“Yeah it’s nice, we are moving pretty good so it’s not bad,” said Summers County High School Junior Julien Keaton. “They are less fortunate so if we can help them out that’s always a good thing.”

Each box contains a variety of perishable and non perishable food items such as milk, meat, fruits, and vegetables. The volunteers remind everyone that they are dependent on the food truck so there can be delays.

“We are kind of at the mercy of the truck, but they have to pack the food, and they come all the way from Maryland,” Selko said. “He was very early this morning so we got to start just a little bit early, but people get here early too so it was good.”

Organizers hope to have another food drive next month.

For more information on future food distributions visit the Reach Family Resource Center Facebook page.

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