Raleigh County Prevention Coalition ‘Spreads the Warmth’

We all need a little bit of warmth, compassion and love in our lives.

The Raleigh County Prevention Coalition ‘Spread the Warmth’ by sharing necessities with the at-risk community that needs it most.

“Any person that’s ever wanted to give in any way can show up and volunteer by handing out gloves and blankets and warm/hot hands,” said chair Amanda Hammons.

Cynthia Hammons wanted to get involved in the cause because she says she’s a youth who struggles with herself mentally, and sometimes physically.

“I feel like the struggles that I’m going through and that I have went through should be shared with the world, not for attention-seeking reasons but more so to let people know that they are not alone,” said the fifteen-year-old.

To be a part of this fills Amanda’s heart, she says so many people want to give back.

“And never know how to get involved,” said the RCPC chair. “It’s really inspiring to me to find people’s special skills and put them to use so they can serve the community.”

The youth and adult-focused event provides hands-on training and experience in an array of activities, and Amanda says they’re working on giving college and sometimes high school students volunteer hours.

“We love you and appreciate everything that you do. Reach out at any time,” said the RCPC chair. “If I don’t have the resource I will find you the resource and you are welcome at any stage of your life. Just come as you are and if I have to meet you where you are I will.”

It’s tough to be a kid nowadays with all the pressure and temptation. But Cynthia says the community gives her hope.

She suggests surrounding yourself with just a few people who care.

“Doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, if you’re tall, if you’re short,” said the 15-year-old. “It doesn’t matter your religion, your background, if you’re goth, alternative, if you’re a normal person — if that’s what you consider yourself — it doesn’t matter who or what you believe you are, you are loved and you are worthy.”

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