Raleigh County Parks and Recreation presents a fun twist to a classic board game

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The Raleigh County Parks and Recreation is now hosting an outdoor Clue Game at four parks around the Raleigh County area, and they welcome the whole community to participate. The game can be played any time now through the end of March at Lake Stephens, Dry Hill Prosperity Park, Stoco Community Park and Fitzpatrick Park.

“We just wanted to get the community out and about,” says Molly Williams, Executive Director of Raleigh County Parks and Rec. “We know that we’ve all been cooped up this winter and this was a great opportunity to have an event and get people out in our parks.”
This version is like the traditional version of Clue–including suspects, weapons, and location clues– but the object is just a little different, and scavenger hunt style!
“You’ll just want to download the Clue sheet from online, go and look for the clues at the parks, and figure out who killed Mr. Covid with what weapon and where it happened,” Williams says.
A lot of activities have moved to outdoors during this pandemic, and the Parks and Rec. plan to make sure there are more fun activities in store for the community to get out and get involved in this Spring and Summer.
“As we progress as an agency, we just want to have more programs like this where it involves the community at all of our parks. So, this was a great opportunity because the weather is starting to get nice and people are starting to get outdoors.”
Winners of the game will get a gift card or a water park pass. The game is completely free to play and enter for prizes.  The instructions and game sheet will be available to print out from the Raleigh County Parks and Rec. website and Facebook page.
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