Raleigh County Emergency Services participate in crisis response training

BEAVER, WV (WOAY) – The Raleigh County Emergency Services Authority held a full-scale crisis situation training scenario.

They went to the Raleigh County Memorial Airport for the simulation. According to Cody Fortner, the Raleigh County 911 Emergency Planner, it’s meant to test their emergency response to an unpredictable event.

“We simulated a flight crash here on the tarmac with several major injuries, several casualties and real people playing as those injured,” Fortner said.

The simulation involved setting a plane on fire, with real people inside. Everyone was ensured to be safe, but it was truly a test of skill for the emergency teams.

“It’s simulated as a real response with all Raleigh County Fire Departments, EMS agencies, police.”

There were roughly 20 different organizations that participated in the training, including the Raleigh County Community Emergency Response Team who participated as those with injuries. 

“At least five fire departments out here, several EMS agencies, the 911 Emergency Management vehicle is out here assisting.” 

They hold training like this every year, but this is the first one since COVID-19 struck. They wanted to test out how they could adapt to situations like this on the fly. After being blind-sided by COVID-19, they want to make sure they’re ready for anything. 

“Just practicing, making sure our emergency response plans are up to date and valid.”

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