Raleigh County drops eminent domain claim on Beaver property

BEAVER, WV (WOAY) – The Raleigh County Commission has dropped an eminent domain claim on a property in Beaver.

The property is owned by Michael and Shauntell Durgan. It used to be the home of a popular bar, but burned down in 2019.

Earlier this year, the county put in an eminent domain claim, offering just $1,000 for the property. The Durgans pushed back, claiming it was worth much more.

The Durgans also mentioned they had been in talks with potential buyers of the property, and insisted the county drop the claim. 

In their most recent meeting, the county commission dropped the eminent domain claim. Commissioner Greg Duckworth described it as a win for both parties.

“We did the eminent domain to clean it up, and the Durgans came back with a proposal,” Duckworth said. “Someone was gonna buy it, which was great. It was a win-win that they had a buyer, and maybe something could go there that’s more economic or something that makes sense.”

The county says they originally wanted the property for a beautification project. 

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