Puckett prepares to take over as McDowell County Prosecuting Attorney

WELCH, WV (WOAY) – With elected officials looking towards their upcoming terms, those who are newly appointed are preparing for a shift in role.

Losing the “assistant” tag might not seem like big deal on the surface, but don’t tell that to Brittany Puckett. The lifelong McDowell County resident and former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney is preparing to take over as Prosecuting Attorney.

“I am very honored and grateful for the people of McDowell County that have shown me an overwhelming amount of support throughout the primary and the general election,” Puckett said. “I look forward to serving the great people of McDowell County through the next four years.”

This was Puckett’s first election cycle campaigning, and doing so during COVID-19 added even more to the experience.

“Everything was new to me,” Puckett said. “We did a lot of social media, tried to do a lot of social distancing. Really just keep the people safe in McDowell County.”

Puckett ran unopposed during the general election after winning her seat in the primaries. This has given her time to prepare for a bigger role.

“I look forward to having our officers involved,” Puckett said. “Having a positive impact on the community and really working with them. Making sure all of our victims and our crimes are involved from the very first step of the process. That they know what’s going on and that they are involved as much as possible.”

McDowell County residents can expect the prosecutor’s office to improve as a place for victims to come, and the public to get what it needs.

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