Protestors arrested after locking themselves to equipment at pipeline construction site

LINDSIDE, WV (WOAY) – Early Tuesday morning around 5 a.m., two protestors had locked themselves to equipment on a construction site for the Mountain Valley Pipeline in Lindside.

The two protestors had locked themselves to a piece of equipment called a sideboom, which is used to lift heavy loads. Hours later at roughly 11 a.m., one of the protestors was removed and arrested by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. The second protestor was removed shortly after around 11:20 a.m. Construction at the site began again shortly after.

Soon after the protest began, a small rally began to form of roughly a dozen people. They held signs showing general support.

One local from the nearby Giles County area witnessed the rally, and says he shows solidarity with the protestors.

“I’m a local citizen, y’know I was born and raised in these mountains,” said local Jammie Hale. “I’m very concerned about this project, so I’m very pleased that some young folks are stepping up and taking control of the situation when our government is not.” 

The Mountain Valley Pipeline has been an ongoing construction effort since 2018. It’s been the source of numerous complaints and other protest efforts, including a similar instance to this one from just over a month ago.

In early August two out-of-state protestors had locked themselves to equipment at the Mountain Valley Pipeline construction site in Greenbrier County. Those two protesters were also arrested.

Those who are against the construction of pipelines believe the fossil fuels will lead to long-term environmental issues, as well as localized issues with water sources. And on the other side supporters say pipelines will help a struggling industry and bring jobs to local areas.

The two demonstrators from this latest protest in Lindside have each been charged with three misdemeanors, including obstruction, trespassing, and tampering with a vehicle. Bail was set at $3,000 each. As of Tuesday afternoon, both have been bailed out of jail.

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