Princeton Police seize $11,000 worth of illegal drugs during routine traffic stop

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – This past Sunday, the Princeton City Police Department seized more than 100 grams of illegal drugs including cocaine, meth and crack, and more than $1700 in cash during an altercation that occurred during a routine traffic stop.

Patrolman James Carroll pulled over an individual on High Street when the man took off on foot, with Caroll in pursuit. The man circled back to his vehicle and was held at gunpoint, in which he then confessed to dropping off a stash of drugs at a nearby house.

The man led Carroll to the property where officers uncovered the stash of drugs. The stash contained 48 grams of meth, 56 grams of crack and 25 grams of cocaine, all of which together have an estimated street value of $11,000.

Carroll has been with law enforcement for 8 years but has only been in drug enforcement for 2. In that short time, he has had many drug busts and insists he claims the Princeton Police are hard at work every day trying to get dealers off the streets. 

“So we’re out here every day trying our best to deter drug trafficking and get these dealers off the street. This guy was on parole already for selling drugs so he’ll be back in prison where he should be,” Carroll said. 

The man was arrested on Sunday and was charged with possession and intent to distribute for all three types of drugs in his possession. He faces a minimum of three felony charges at the moment.

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