Princeton Police Department to restart bike patrol program

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – The Princeton City Police Department is planning to launch their bike patrols once again sometime this Spring. The program was introduced more than five years ago and is due to restart once the weather calms down.

Tim Gray, Chief of the Princeton Police says the bike program will add great benefit to the Princeton community.

“All and all, it’s always been receptive. And I will tell you on nights where we have cruisers in the special events on Mercer Street, it’s always good to have that extra person out there on the bike. They can get to a call quicker if need be. We’ve really had nothing but positive reactions when the guys are on the bikes.”

Gray mentioned that Spring is the best time relaunch the program, as that’s when the weather begins to warm up and more events begin to happen. More patrolmen on bikes make it easier for the department to stop crime more quickly.

The bike patrols are expected to begin again sometime in the next month.

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