Princeton mom on mission to end gun violence after losing son

It’s been eight months since Brenda Rucker lost her beloved son to gun violence.

This Princeton mother is still fighting for truth and justice, and always keeping Arrien Porterfield’s memory alive.

“It’s been very hard because I still have no justice, and in my mindset, if there’s no justice then I have no peace,” Rucker said.

She says if all the people who were there the night her son was killed, including the young girl whose life he saved and the other girl in the backseat of the car came forward to tell the true story of what happened…

“It may speed everything the police do have along before letting it sit to the side,” said Rucker.

Gun violence permeates every segment of society and robs us of our loved ones. She says you have to show proof of ID to buy alcohol but can buy a gun so easily.

“For kids to kill one another, or kill anyone for that matter,” said Rucker. “So it’s definitely become a major problem in West Virginia. All over the country, it’s a major problem of easy access.”

According to the Princeton mother, she’s frustrated with investigators — feeling she’s not getting the answers she needs.

“Nothing’s changed, nothing’s been done; it does not sit well with me at all. I keep hearing the same story; ‘we’re working on it — just give us time.’

And she recently started peacefully protesting.

“To put an end to black-on-black crime, put an end to gun violence because it’s gone crazy.”

Many people shoot and don’t think about the consequences. Rucker says they have no conscience. But justice will prevail.

“Love is action,” she said. “I don’t want just words; I want people to come out and show the love of God, and not only fight for my family — be a representative for those who’ve lost loved ones due to gun violence.”

Arrien’s young daughter ‘Honesty’ is collateral damage.

“She just recently had a birthday, she turned one. And he (Arrien) couldn’t be there to celebrate this milestone in her life,” Rucker said. “It’s sad and heartbreaking that she will never get to know how kind and loving he was.”

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