Princeton businesses to participate in Small Business Saturday

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – Princeton businesses are gearing up for Small Business Saturday. It happens on a national level on the day following Black Friday.

According to Lori McKinney, a local business owner, the concept is that big box retailers always fare well on Black Friday, leaving small business to lag behind. 

“Somebody has been passing around a meme that says buy local or bye-bye local. Amazon and Walmart are going to be here on the other side of this, but this shopping season is literally crucial to the independent businesses. So it’s more important now than ever to spend your holiday dollars here locally,” McKinney said.

This holiday season is an important one for small businesses. Local stores everywhere have been on rough times since the start of the pandemic, and as COVID cases continue to rise, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be getting a break anytime soon. But Princeton stores are determined to make it through. 

“We just have a great culture of entrepreneurship here. We have all kinds of wonderful, independent businesses. There’s also a great collaborative sort of spirit here in our downtown area. So all the merchants have joined forces to do some special things this holiday season.”

Small businesses around Princeton have come together and will offer incentives to shop local on the day after Black Friday. They’ll be handing out gifts to anyone who shops locally that day. Stickers and buttons will be offered to those that make purchases at particpating stores, and a tote bag will be offered to those who spend more than $20.

“They’ll be a tent set up in town square, and anytime you make a purchase at a Mercer Street business, you can bring your receipt to that table for a free gift. We have tote bags, buttons and stickers, and we’re all really excited about that.”

More than a dozen local businesses in downtown Princeton will be participating in Small Business Saturday.

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