Princeton business hosts creative workshop

Last night, the Wild Roots Coffeehouse is a creative workshop for artists of all kinds to come together and create something new.

However, before the creating began, a special guest led the artists in meditation. It started them on the path of a visual journey.

“We’re doing a creative storytelling workshop basically over a short visual journey for people to visualize them walking on a beach or something like that. And then after that, we’re going to have them either write or draw sketch, paint their vision that they had. So just basically getting them to open up to their creative self,” Selo Closson, assistant manager at Wild Roots Coffeehouse.

“Meditation is a beautiful way to really kind of tap into your creative self. Some people think that they’re not creative, but really, if you take a moment to just be centered with yourself, you start to see visuals or you start to experience something that you may not experience in your day-to-day life. So through taking that moment to calm down and meditate and even be guided by somebody else through that meditation can really open up your mind and your heart and your creativity,” Shannon Shine, art director, said.

After meditating, the participants drew, painted, wrote, or expressed themselves in whatever way made them feel most creative.

“Creativity is really important because we believe it helps you work through traumas or blockages you may be having,” Shine said.

“And I know a lot of people want to express it and create something, but they don’t know how. So this would be a great workshop for them to be able to present,” Closson said. “I know a lot of people feel like they want to create something, but maybe they’re scared or they feel like they don’t have creativity within them. But I think everybody does, and this will help bring that out.”

“We just want to create an atmosphere where people feel safe to be themselves and to make something.”

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