Preliminary West Virginia electric vehicle charging station plan complete

Charleston, WV (WOAY)- The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) has completed a preliminary plan of proposed locations for electric vehicle charging stations. The project has been submitted to the federal government for further review. West Virginia is expected to receive close to $45.7 million over the next five years through the program.

In anticipation of the plan and the increase in electric vehicle usage, the WV legislature passed House Bill 4797 in June. The plan outlines proposed locations for electric vehicle charging stations throughout the state. Additionally, the proposal explains how the state plans to use program funds to develop charging stations along major highways.

All 50 states were required to submit a NEVI plan to the federal government by August 1 in anticipation of an increase in electric vehicles on the roads. West Virginia’s plan proposes locating electric vehicle charging stations on select spots along Interstates 64,77, or 79. Under the NEVI plan, stations would be located about 50 miles apart on major travel routes.

To see the West Virginia National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Deployment Plan, visit


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