Pool Expert Shares Tips on Getting Your Pool Ready

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – As we approach the summer season many people will begin to open up their pools and hot tubs.

When opening your pool, be sure to clean out the algae and debris and then fill it back up with water. Then it’s important to treat the water with chemicals to help clean it. Ideal Pool and Spa offers a service where they will test your water for free and get you the exact chemicals needed.

“Our lab we test for calcium, alkalinity, chlorine obviously, PH levels, phosphate levels, and just about everything,” said Ideal Pool and Spa General Manager Bryan Wilton. “We have chlorine based chemicals and we have non chlorine based chemicals it just depends on the customer’s preference on which one they want to use.”

To ensure your pool water stays balanced Wilton recommends you check it every couple of days and have them test it every other week.

Aside from the water treatment, it’s also important to clean out your pool filter and if it’s a sand filter changing the sand as well.

“We recommend that you change the sand every year,” Wilton said. “It’s just basically hooking it up to your pool, backwashing your pump getting all the dirty sand out of the pump. Then putting it on filter and let it do it’s work.”

If you are looking to get a pool this year and haven’t purchased one yet you will have to be patient because of the large amount of back orders.

“It’s slow, but we are definitely taking care of our customers,” said Wilton. “It’s a little while to get one in right now. Now, people that order them early in the season have already got them, but this late in the year it’s a little tough to get one.”

If you would like to take advantage of Ideal Pool and Spa’s water test stop by their store at 113 Appalachian Drive in Beckley.

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